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setup project Dashboard

Project Setup

Collection Forms, Layer Configuration, Import Master / Reference data

download Andmap android app - Optus Fieldwork Android

Android App

A specific custom version of Andmap app for Optus. download

export data to KMZ, Shapefile Export

Export Data

Upload, Editor, Create VIEW, Export to KMZ, Shapefile...

customer drop Customization

Custom Functions

Customer Drop: pole and address will be selected to run the function

Control Icon by Attribute

  • Mar, 2016
andmap update: Control Icon by Attribute

Customer Drop

  • Jan 11, 2016
customer drop function

The pole and address will be selected to run the function, result will be:

  • the Pole data will need to have changes to the Poles data to nominate a value in the 'No of Power Drops' attribute
  • The Pole icon will then display this number in the Pole icon
  • The Customer Drops will need a 'DROP_LENGTH' value added in its Form

Step 1

Select a pole, then "Customer Drops"

select a pole

Step 2

Checked address (sorted by distance from selected pole), then "Save"

checked address

Final Result:

1. Update Pole icon

result of Customer Drops

2. Update attribute of 'No of Power Drops'

result of Customer Drops

3. Create Customer Drop lines, and update Attribute of 'DROP_LENGTH'

result of Customer Drops

4. Color Coded Customer Drop Lines by Attribute of 'Status'

result of Customer Drops

Project Setup

  • Jan 8, 2016

Optus network data in Andmap can be imported and configured under 1 of 2 classes available:

  • Master Data - read / write data
  • Reference Data - read only data

Collection Forms

Each Master Data layer will have specific field audit collection forms pre-configured and distributed to users. Andmap has a push notification function to enable users to be notified of any changes and enable them to upload the latest forms, groups and icons on their devices..

collection forms

Master Data

Master Data is imported via a Web interface and then pushed to the field devices via a task scheduling functions.

master data

Reference Data

Reference Data can be imported via the web or directly to the device. It is anticipated that the Web admin function will prep the required CET data for a field audit.

reference data